Yantra set – visual meditation


A yantra is simply a visual meditation.

This full set comes with three separate yantras – lifting light frequency, balancing cellular memory and blue and red ray visual meditations. As well as a stand to place your yantra on at the time of use.

The yantras are printed onto aluminium – printing on aluminium is a relatively modern photographic process allowing us to combine the metaphysical influence of the metal with the integrity of the visual alignment sequence.

Lifting light frequency yantra – in the lifting light frequency visual meditation we are balancing and aligning our personal grid to lift the grooved channel of light from hips to shoulders so the energy systems and their make-up can resonate at a higher frequency.

Balancing cellular memory yantra – in the balancing cellular memory visual meditation we are accessing the higher energy systems where core imprints are stored and creating a new vibrational resonance while balancing any outdated negative core beliefs.

Blue and red ray yantra – in the blue and red ray visual meditation we are activating the Divine Mother (Blue Ray)/Divine Father (Red Ray) which links us closer to our true self and assists reconnecting to soul voice and our inner wisdom. This visual meditation assists in the building of the central core & magnetism.

Yantra set also includes a gift box and yantra stand.

Postage prices vary for this product so please contact us to find out the additional cost of postage, or if you’re in Perth you are welcome to collect your order.

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