Spinning technique for manifestation and unity – a guided meditation by Melaney Ryan


*This short meditation is formulated for those who practice Mahat Meditation*

The MRIAC spinning technique for manifestation and unity guides you to release anything that hinders you in creating something important in your life, then guides you to build energy in the positive towards unity consciousness and realising your manifestation.

This involves moving energy in a spiral motion around our inner channel between the Earth and soul stars – these are the higher grounding and anchoring points.  The connection point to the Earth allows us to flush out what is not needed.

Spinning energy in this way helps release anything out-dated and builds energy towards what we want to manifest. The heart intelligence energy points are activated to further focus positive energy towards co-creating your desired outcome.

It is very important to practice this technique with an open heart and use it only for manifestations of a wholesome intention.

This meditation aims to:

  • Release the ties that prevent your manifestation from becoming reality, eg. to experience the success of a relationship, project or business or to experience good health and happiness, as a few ideas.
  • Help us at a collective as well as individual level to integrate non-duality where all know peace and prosperity.
  • Guide us to feel gratitude and to contemplate how we will give back to consciousness as we experience our manifestation.
  • Keep our energy fields aligned through releasing old energy and bringing in new energy, helping us stay balanced when we are working or living under stressful conditions.
  • ​This technique can also be used to release trauma including verbal and/or physical abuse memories held within our fields.

Meditation formulated and guided by Melaney Ryan, running time – 18 mins