Seven doorways to the soul – a guided meditation by Melaney Ryan


MRIAC’s seven doorways to the soul meditation balances and aligns the heart channels – which are also known as the seven doorways to the soul – within the chest area.
This helps us live with a more open heart, prepares our systems to carry a higher light frequency, and supports the experience of unity within us as individuals and on a global level.

Practising this meditation restores and increases the flow of chi throughout the chest and heart field, providing a greater ability to co-create within our life experiences.

The seven doorways to the soul meditation connects to seven points of light located vertically along the sternum. Point one is at the base of the sternum, with each point continuing upwards at about one finger’s width apart to reach point seven at the top of the sternum. Each point is approximately 2cm/1inch in diameter.

This meditation aims to increase:

  • Unification
  • Heart field energy
  • Gratitude
  • Connection to the heart energy and the earth energy
  • The sound resonance and tone and our light presence and frequency
  • Empowerment
  • Yin and yang balance
This meditation aims to balance:

  • Suppression of emotions
  • Feeling unable to express ideas and truths that are important to us
  • Tension and stress
  • Imbalances within the chest and middle part of the body
  • Dizziness and an overall fogginess to the head and throat

Meditation formulated and guided by Melaney Ryan. Running time is 18 minutes.