Mahat Pendant


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The Mahat pendant, designed and programmed by Melaney Ryan is a geometric depiction of the energetic structure of the integrated being, the Mahatma. It represents what we are bringing into being through the practice of Mahat Meditation.

Symbolises – The integration of Heaven and Earth. To be anchored in the human experience from the heart in a fully awakened state.

Properties – The pendant supports the anchoring of the neutral current, which provides integrated grounding from the heart. It also gives strength to the full moulding of masculine (+) and feminine (-) within the heart and reflects the reintegration of the silver cord, sushumna channel and antakarana.

Copper – Chosen for its properties of amplification and conductivity.

Hematite – Chosen for its grounding and stabilising properties. Programmed to align the silver cord as it transforms into the fully integrated antakarana.

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