Expanded field reinforcement – a guided meditation by Melaney Ryan


*This short meditation is formulated for those who practice Mahat Meditation*

The human body is a direct reflection of the Earth. The Earth’s grid is realigning itself to carry a higher light frequency, therefore the personal grid of each individual is following suit and our light frequency is also lifting.

I have observed the natural evolution of the human systems and the direction our growth is heading in, and seen that the human body, and especially the nervous system, are under increasing strain through this evolution.

Activating dormant layers and functions within the energy systems doesn’t mean that anything within the systems is being removed. We are simply awakening a supportive framework to assist the body in carrying the increasing frequency of light.

These shifts in consciousness, the lifting of light frequency and tone and the transformations in our human functions, are happening right now. Mahat Meditation offers us the opportunity to consciously engage with this process.

~ From Level One Mahat Meditation by Melaney Ryan

Given the nature of the time we are in, Melaney has developed a new technique specifically for Mahats. It uses the energetic structures developed through regular practice of Mahat Meditation to reinforce your expanded energy field.

The expanded field is always with you, allowing you to adapt and thrive in whatever conditions are present, and supports you in receiving what is needed and in easily releasing what is unhelpful.

The intention behind this new technique is that Mahats can consciously activate a space of reinforced strength and stillness within and around ourselves. Demonstrating this strength, stillness and presence will in turn extend the presence of the Mahatma energy to support our wider communities and the collective consciousness.

This technique is incredibly powerful. It is recommended you practice it alongside your existing Mahat Meditation practice.

If you strongly feel your children or others in your life that do not practice Mahat Meditation would benefit from this technique, feel free to share it if you are confident they are naturally grounded and aligned enough to carry the energy. If you do share the technique, please monitor the person after they practice to ensure they are integrating the energy and are not offset by it.

It is not recommended for people with a limited understanding of energy or those who are ungrounded. If you have people in your life who are looking for support but are new to energy understanding, MRIAC recommends the breathing techniques, short meditations or offline courses as a starting point.

Meditation formulated and guided by Melaney Ryan, running time – 8 mins