Empowering your personal presence – a guided meditation by Melaney Ryan


Have you noticed how our mood and personal presence affect others? A happy or peaceful person can affect the energy in the room, and likewise, so can an angry or scattered person.

By holding a positive personal presence, we experience and radiate more joy and fulfilment which assists ourselves as well as others. This requires us to be in a state of balance, accurately perceiving our reality and taking action based on that, as we compassionately stand in our presence.

An increased personal presence helps us stay in the present moment more of the time so we can engage with the world from this place of balance.

Imagine how our world would benefit if everyone took responsibility to do this.

This meditation helps you with that intent. It soothes your body’s response to stress by decreasing worries and overthinking, helping you take compassionate, clear and empowered action.

Meditation formulated and guided by Melaney Ryan, running time – 9 mins

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