Balancing stress meditation – a guided meditation by Melaney Ryan


The balancing stress meditation is a powerful tool to target the areas in the energetic and physical systems that are related to stress. This meditation can aid anyone to calm the nervous system and help balance the negative effects of stress on their systems.

You could use this meditation as a way to include regular small breaks at specific intervals throughout the day. Some signals that your body will use to show you that you need a break include:

• Yawning
• Problems concentrating
• Restlessness
• Hunger – particularly for stimulating foods such as coffee or sugar
• Distracted more easily by technology

This meditation aims to:

• Clear stress from key areas where it stores in the system
• Bring a sense of calm to your mind and body
• Build inner strength
• Release physical tension in your body
• Encourage balance and alignment
• Ground the systems and connect to the earth

Meditation formulated and guided by Melaney Ryan, running time – 9 mins

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