Level Three Mahat Meditation – online March 2020


The Mahat Level Three sequence takes you to a whole new level of reconnecting with your Mahat (Great Soul).

In this sequence we bring illuminated violet light – this is divine energy which has a consciousness of its own and thus needs no instruction – in through the vortices to our four evolved chakras.

The earth star, perineum, wisdom point and soul star are the evolved chakras which have ascended from the seven chakras.

Eventually, in the evolution of humanity, all people will progress from having seven chakras to four evolved chakras, and ultimately these will merge into one unified chakra as our consciousness returns to Oneness. Mahat level three is an accelerated process towards experiencing that outcome.

The evolved chakras are activated in Mahat one, then in level two we anchor the neutral current from the physical body to the Earth in preparation to safely integrate level three.

In level three our systems are ready to take a quantum leap towards reconnecting to our Beloved or Mahat itself.

It is a relatively simple sequence focused on the ankle, knee, wrist and shoulder vortices, which fuel and nurture the evolved chakras with illuminated violet light.

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