Level Four Mahat Meditation – online June 2020


All that we need is within us. By knowing what links to what within the overall makeup of the self, we hold a vital key in understanding this truth. Mahat Meditation takes us step by step to self-realisation and the experience of joy within ourselves in each moment and exchange. We can also experience the ability to interplay at a higher level in our manifestations.

Level Four Mahat Meditation gives us the ability to reprogram what is no longer serving us through stillness within the meditation. Each evolved chakra links to a specific vortex pair which link to primary and secondary channels (extraordinary vessels).

The evolved chakras and vessels carry specific influences and qualities. The vortices are the gateways for re-imprinting these aspects of self if we wish to experience a reality without these influences becoming overriding factors in our process of self-realisation.

What a great gift we have before us. As living examples of this potential we become a demonstration of this truth for future generations

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