ITA Tier 2 – Section 1 – Perth – 2022


ITA Tier 2 provides you with an in depth understanding of the higher energy systems and the tools to work with these systems. This level of study takes you on an interactive journey through the higher aspects of the human and universal energetic systems and leaves you with an expanded awareness of our true capacity for self realisation.

ITA Tier 2 will be offered as two sections, with a break in between. Melaney has found that this is the best format for sharing Tier 2 as it contains a lot of information so having a mid course break to integrate the teachings works well.

The fee for ITA Tier 2 is $1650 AUD for section one, and $1650 for section two. You do not need to pay upfront for both sections. Section two can be paid for when you register closer to the start date for this section.

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