ITA Tier 1 – New York – 2022


ITA Tier 1 provides you with an integrated understanding of the human energy systems and a working knowledge of how these systems connect to and interact with the physical body and the greater universe.

Although ITA Tier 1 is a foundation in energy understanding you will be learning powerful techniques for balancing and aligning the energy systems, the sub-conscious mind and the physical body.

What is shared in ITA Tier 1 will enable you to bring your systems into a state of alignment with your higher self and the world around you. These techniques and tools can also be used to assist others.

ITA Tier 1 is for anyone on a path of self-development and the techniques are easily incorporated by practitioners of other modalities such as kinesiology, massage, naturopathy and occupational therapy. ITA Tier 1 can also provide you with a great start to a career in energy medicine.

Registration will close one mont before course commencement in order to print and ship course manuals.


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